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10 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

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Booking your wedding photography any time now? Choosing the right photographer is one of the most important decisions you can make. After all those photos are the record of one of the most important days of your life. We hope these few words of wisdom help you make the right choice


  1. The Higher the Price the Higher the Quality?  Not necessarily. It goes without saying that all work undertaken by qualified wedding photographers should be excellent. Wedding photographers have overheads like other businesses and the higher the overhead, the higher the price. So a high street photographer doing lots of costly wedding exhibitions will have to reflect the costs of premises and materials in their prices – simple as that. DAWN & HENRY-195_WEBDAWN & HENRY-195_WEB
  2. Do They Charge By the Hour? A lot of photographers still do, but that can be difficult – imagine your first dance being delayed by 15 minutes and being asked to pay another £100! So if they do, make sure that there’s a degree of flexibility built in. The last thing you want is to be passing round the hat; that rather takes the shine off things. Or, preferably, book a photographer who charges on a different basis. AEC16brinkman9-2x4-0252AEC16brinkman9-2x4-0252
  3. How Fast Do They Work? We’ve all been there as guests, waiting around for a couple of hours in a churchyard whilst the photographer struggles to take those inevitable group shots.  A good photographer will consider your guests as well, get this bit over speedily and despatch them to the comfort of the bar. Of course, having two photographers makes this bit of the job even faster!
  4. Do They Work Well With Other People Involved in the Day? At different times during your wedding various people will be guiding you through the proceedings – the vicar or Registrar, the car driver, the hotel manager. Does your photographer see themselves as part of that team and make the effort to speak with them beforehand? Vicars/priests in particular don’t appreciate photographers materialising as the groom arrives, Registrars don’t like their ceremony turned into movie set, hotel managers need to know what time you’ll be ready for your meal. If the team work in harmony this makes for a great day. 457-20161014-0Q0A0042457-20161014-0Q0A0042
  5. Will I Get What I’ve Seen in The Photographer’s Gallery? Some photographers’ gallery shots are amazing; brides drape themselves over castle battlements or run barefoot over windswept moors. They’re the sort of photos that win awards, but were they taken at an actual wedding? We’ve all been tempted, even encouraged, to use models in our galleries but they’re easy to spot – they stare unflinchingly into the camera or achieve that perfect pose with an ease that would make the average bride more than a little uncomfortable. So ask to look at some real whole weddings, not just the gallery showcase.
  6. Can They Turn Me Into a Model? Hopefully you both want to look amazing and natural. Whilst photographers will go out of their way to help recreate photos you’ve seen in top magazines, wedding photography has to be both swift and dynamic. It’s a totally different medium to fashion photography. That gorgeous picture in the magazine probably took four hours to achieve. However, that equally gorgeous shot of dad putting back your veil is a once in a lifetime and can be captured in seconds. That’s the essence of wedding photography.
  7. Are They Intrusive? Some photographers make a big point about being unobtrusive but what does this mean? There are times during the day when people have to be organised. How do you achieve that perfect heart-shaped group shot without someone organising it? How do you make sure that the bridal party look their best and that that dress looks gorgeous? Few people naturally behave as though they are on the red carpet or sipping champagne in the royal enclosure at Ascot so a good photographer will guide them with tact and humour. On the other hand, trying to take a photograph over the vicar’s shoulder or asking the Registrar to repeat the exchange of rings could lead to a very swift exit! So the answer is a blend of formal and informal; it’s those shots between the inevitable poses which will throw up some really precious moments. C16_0915_PodiumHS_038C16_0915_PodiumHS_038
  8. Can I Supply Lists of Photos I Want Them to Take? An experienced photographer will welcome your input and will help to make the day fun. However, they’ll also point out what is achievable and what isn’t. If, for example, you want thirty formal group shots which include yourselves in each one that would take a minimum of an hour – that’s without allowing for the fact that Auntie Mildred has popped to the restroom or dad’s waiting for his order at the bar. That really wouldn’t allow much time for those arty shots of yourselves which most brides treasure after the day. So discuss beforehand to see how best you can achieve what you want.  
  9. Albums Seem Expensive – Are They Worth It? It’s very tempting to buy a photo-book online from the big printing companies when they seem so much cheaper. There is, however, a huge difference in quality. Think of investing in an album in the same way as you would an expensive leather handbag; a blend of artwork and craftsmanship which will be a reminder of your special day for years to come.
  10. Do I Have to Include An Album in My Package When I’m Still Not Sure if I Want One? Most photographers now supply your photos on a memory stick together with an online gallery. It’s often cheaper to buy your album as part of an all-in package, but, if you’re not sure choose a photographer who will let you purchase one afterwards. And a better quality photo-book with card pages can also be purchased as an alternative.



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