Colourful close-ups, delicate Downtons and backseat bubbles- 12 Trends for 2015 Wedding Photography

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Wedding trends come and go and the same is true for photographic styles for the big day.

December's often a time for reflection, but also for looking forward, so as 2014 draws to a close, it's time to salute the birds, butterflies and bouncy castles of last summer and see what 2015 holds in store.

Instead of the seasonal partridges, rings and pear trees we've put together the top 12 trends we're likely to see in the coming year. 


  1. A Pop of Colour   Angular black and white photos are very Testino but are at last starting to take a back seat to glorious colour. After all, you're going to spend ages co-ordinating your scheme. Time to show it off. Todays digital technology means not having to choose one or the other - black and white hues and tones can be added post-production - bear this in mind when choosing your portfolio - why not have both? Venue Shenley Cricket Centre Venue Shenley Cricket Centre
  2. Downton versus Down-town?   For some time, edgy urban landscapes have been on trend, but 2015 brides are increasingly influenced by the elegance of Downton rather than down-town Manhattan. Romantic lawns, sweeping views, lakes and hedgerows create timeless and classic photos which will look good for years to come. Whatever your style, choose your wedding location to match and communicate your expectations to your photographer. Try creating a mood board on Pinterest with your bridal party to get ideas flowing. 
  3. Soft but Subtle   Downton brides are looking for a little softening round the edges to enhance that feeling of romance which comes from photos taken in a natural environment. So 'misties', vignettes and other softening effects are making a return in both portraiture and landscape. Yes, it surprised us as well! Again, most of these effects can be created post-production, but add them to your mood board and let your photographer know what you like.   Dumbleton Hall
  4. Strike the Pose   We don't mean turning you into Kate Moss, but there's an increasing demand for the re-creation of shots brides have seen in top magazines or even films - within reason and timescale of course this is possible. If you spot an image you'd like to recreate, make a note of it or pin it so that your photographer can make any arrangements they need on the day. Shenley Cricket Centre St Mary's Hemel Hempstead
  5. Hand in Hand   Around necks, waists, on the Register, or on the cake knives, hands (and those rings) will be centre stage on the day. It goes without saying that hand shots call for a top manicure. Don't forget to book the groom in as well! Dumbleton Hall St Mary's Hemel Hempstead
  6. Natural Beauty   A few enhancements can be fun but surreal cobalt skies, artificial moons, and butterflies are very 2010. For capturing the uniqueness of the couple and their guests the trend for informality remains. Remember, some photos aren't about the things everyone can see, they're about what others missed seeing in that moment that they ought not miss. Throckmorton Church Holy Trinity Sutton Coldfield
  7. Groups and Selfies   Yes, the dreaded group shots which aunties love have never really gone away. But they don't have to be a replica of your school photo or sporting team. Groups can be different and fun. If you want mock selfies or actions shots be sure to warn your photographer in advance so that they are ready for the moment. The Tudor Barn Earley
  8. Try Shaping Up   Not at the gym (but that's up to you), given time, space and the right venue there are few things better than a heart-shape for  one big group shot. Or how about your initials? Plan in advance with your photographer, though, so that they can make preparations which mean your guests don't have to be herded around for twenty minutes to achieve that perfect shape. Bickley Manor
  9. No More Uncle George   Classic, retro, limos, or luxury chauffeur-driven cars are necessary luxury. No more taxis or Uncle George dropping you off and dashing down the street to park the car. Couples we spoke to said that was one economy too far. Whether it's a camper van or a stretch take the time to get some photos both inside and outside the limo. St Mary's Hemel Hempstead Manchester Golf Club
  10. Blow it on Bubbles   Whatever your favourite tipple - Champagne, Prosecco Bucks Fizz or even sparkling water, there's a reason some shots stand the test of time and that classic combination of you, your dream car, a chauffeur and a glass of bubbly will be perfect. You'll probably be glad of it by then The Tudor Barn Earley Manchester Golf Club
  11. Two is Better than One  There's no better way of showing off your newly-acquired rings than with two cake knives. we've seen swords come and go, in 2015 just add that extra knife. Manchester Golf Club
  12. You  It's your day and you can create your own trend - so break free from the herd and let your imagination run riot. But remember, even the most committed of brides can find the day stressful - rain, guests and the long day can take their toll. If you can stay upbeat and up-for-it then great! But if you've planned shots with your photographer and would rather not do them that's fine. A quiet word will suffice, but our personal  experience tells us that once the main bridal party can escape from the pressure of guests for a while they can relax, have a laugh and almost forget the camera's there.  Manchester Golf Club

Chateau Impney


January is the big booking month! Watch out for next month's blog with new year's resolutions for booking your photographer.






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